This is a beautiful late 19th Century Swiss brooch watch made in the shape of a dazzling beetle. It has a keyless gilt bar movement with a suspended going barrel, featuring a plain cock with polished steel regulator. The watch also has a plain three arm gilt balance with a blue steel spiral hairspring, polished steel cylinder, and a steel escape wheel. The small white enamel dial displays Roman numerals, with the twelve marked in red, and has blue steel hands. The case of this exquisite brooch watch is made of fine gold and enamel, with translucent green enamel wings that open by depressing a button in the tail to reveal the dial. The head of the beetle is diamond set, and its eyes are made of diamonds. It has a small gilt winding crown, and the underside of the beetle has finely chased and engraved legs applied to the hinged cover. Inside the cover, there is an oval glazed frame for a miniature portrait, and the gold and enamel loop is diamond set for a chain. This is a high-quality, attractive piece that is in excellent overall condition. A similar watch can be found on colour plate 30 in The Technique and History of the Swiss Watch. This item measures 27 x 60 x 18 mm.

Anonymous Swiss
Circa 1880
Dimensions 27 x 60 x 18 mm