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Pocket watches have been an important part of modern civilization and developments in the watch world. Ever since the 16th Century, they have been an integral part of male fashion. These small, round timepieces represented portable clocks and were a status symbol until mass production became easy.

Watch-Museum has been collecting and dealing in fine vintage and antique pocket watches for  years 

For many years, Watch Museum has been dedicated to collecting and dealing in the finest vintage and antique pocket watches. Our extensive selection includes a variety of unique pieces that have stood the test of time, and are still fully functional today.

Here you will find a range of many kinds of pocket watch for sale counting: Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watches, Pair Cased Antique Pocket Watches, Repeater Pocket Watches, Chronograph Pocket Watches, English Lever Pocket Watches, Gents Antique Pocket Watches, Antique Chiming Pocket Watches, Antique Enamel Pocket Watches, Prior Antique Pocket Watches, Breguet Antique Pocket Watches, Waltham Antique Pocket Watches and more with Gold and Silver Cases including Open Faced, Hunter and Half Hunter Pocket Watches; all have been serviced, cleaned and repaired or restored as necessary, and they are all working.

What makes these pocket watches so special is their longevity. While many 100-year-old mechanical objects have long since stopped working, our antique pocket watches continue to operate just as they were intended to decades or even centuries ago. These valuable timepieces range in age from 50 to over 350 years old, showcasing the timeless appeal and masterful craftsmanship that has made them such coveted collector’s items.

Our antique pocket watches have been serviced, cleaned, and repaired or restored as necessary, allowing them to function correctly. We take pride in ensuring our customers receive timepieces that are in working order and in excellent condition.

At Watch Museum, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and assisting collectors and watch enthusiasts in building their collections. Our collection of antique pocket watches is one of the most extensive in the market today, and we are always adding new, unique pieces to our inventory.