This is a highly unique and valuable 18th-century fob that displays both the day and date in the form of a small pocket watch. The white enamel dial has black Arabic numerals for the day of the month and a red abbreviation in French for the day of the week. The gold case is intricately engraved and engine turned and features a push pendant for easy adjustment. By depressing the pendant, the hands move forward by one division. In addition, there is a small button on the band that locks the day of the week hand, allowing the date to be advanced for shorter months. This pocket watch would have most likely been part of a chatelaine, accompanying a watch of similar style. This is an anonymous Swiss piece, dating back to around 1790 and has a diameter of 37 mm. Overall, this is an exceptional accessory that is as beautiful as it is rare.

Anonymous Swiss
Circa 1790
Diameter 37 mm

Materials Enamel