This is a mid 19th Century Swiss cylinder watch that comes in a beautifully crafted gold and enamel open face case. It has a keywind gilt Lepine calibre movement with a suspended going barrel, a plain cock with a polished steel regulator, and a plain three arm gilt balance with a blue steel spiral hairspring. The watch also features a polished steel cylinder and steel escape wheel, as well as a silver dial with a decoratively engraved centre, Roman numerals, and gold hands.

What makes this watch truly unique is its engraved gold open face case, featuring a well-painted polychrome enamel scene of a lady and a cupid in a chapel. The watch is wound and set through the engine turned gold cuvette, which adds an extra layer of elegance and sophistication.

Overall, this watch is a stunning representation of mid 19th Century Swiss craftsmanship, with its delicate details, exquisite materials, and intricate design. It is a true work of art that both watch enthusiasts and collectors alike will surely appreciate.

Signed Swiss
Circa 1850
Diameter 41 mm