This is a mid 19th Century centre seconds duplex watch that was specifically made for the Chinese market. It features a pearl-set silver gilt and enamelled open face case. The watch has a keywind gilt bar movement that boasts of richly engraved bridges, a suspended going barrel, blue steel stop work, and screws.

The engraved sector cock has a garnet endstone, while the polished steel regulator gives the watch a unique touch. It has a five arm polished steel balance and a duplex escapement with brass escape wheel and pivots with endstones.

The white enamel dial comes with centre seconds and slender Roman numerals, and complimented by gilt hands. What's striking about this watch is the unusual silver gilt open face case that sets it apart. The front bezel, front of the oval pendant, and bow are set with split pearls. On the reverse side, the bezel, pendant, and bow are decorated with blue champleve enamel.

The back of this magnificent watch features a finely painted polychrome enamel portrait of a young lady on a blue background. The watch is wound and set through the sprung gilt cuvette.

This watch is an exceptional timepiece that boasts of excellent overall conditions with an exquisitely executed portrait on an unusual case. It is signed Richardson London and was crafted around 1840, measuring 55mm in diameter.

Signed Richardson London
Circa 1840
Diameter 55 mm
Materials Gilt Metal