This 19th century English quarter repeating duplex watch is a fine piece of craftsmanship, influenced by the renowned French watchmaker A.L. Breguet. The watch features a rare pull and twist repeating plunger, designed by Breguet himself, which operates two polished steel gongs that produce a unique chime. The watch also boasts an open face 18-carat gold case with ribbed middle, an engine-turned gold dial with faded Roman numerals, and blue steel hands.

The movement of the watch is key-wound with a gilt bar and features a suspended going barrel, a plain cock with polished steel regulator, and a compensation balance with blue steel spiral hairspring. The duplex escapement, brass escape wheel, and pivots with endstones further showcase the watchmaker's dedication to precision and accuracy.

What makes this watch even more intriguing is its signature and numbering. Engraved on the movement is "Dent, London - 264", which appears to correspond with a chronometer by E.J. Dent that is also hallmarked 1829. However, the cuvette is signed "Arnold & Dent 84 Strand London 3940", in line with Arnold's numbering of a watch No. 3840, which is hallmarked 1826. This raises questions about the origins of the watch, as it seems to have been manufactured before Arnold and Dent became partners but was sold afterwards.

In addition to its historical significance, this watch is also a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of watchmaking in the 19th century. Its intricate design and technical features make it a unique and valuable piece for any collector or enthusiast.

Signed Arnold & Dent 84 Strand London
Hallmarked London 1829
Diameter 43 mm
Origin British
Materials Gold
Carat for Gold 18 K