THREE COLOUR GOLD VERGE – late 18th Century

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This is a gorgeous late 18th Century verge watch with a three colour gold consular case set with stones. The full plate fire gilt movement features round pillars, a pierced and engraved cock, and a silver regulator disc. A plain three-arm steel balance and blue steel spiral hairspring complete the movement. The dial is white enamel with Roman and Arabic numerals, stone set hands, and is wound through. The 18 carat continental consular case is particularly attractive, with a back that is engine turned and decorated with applied three colour gold decoration. The scene is framed by an oval border of white stones, and the two-colour gold bezel is also set with a single row of white stones.

Interestingly, this watch features an English movement housed in a continental case and dial. While it's impossible to know the reason for this today, it's clear that the dial feet occupy the original holes in the plate, meaning this is not a replacement watch. It's possible that the original customer specified that an English movement be used, or alternatively the English watchmaker imported the case and dial from the continent. Regardless, this is a beautiful and rare timepiece that combines the best of English and continental design.