This is an exquisite 18th Century Swiss verge watch that comes in two-color gold and enamel pair cases. The watch has a full plate fire gilt movement with pentagonal baluster pillars, a pierced and engraved masked cock, and a pierced and engraved foot and plate for the silver regulator disc. The fusee and chain have a worm and wheel barrel setup between the plates. There is also a plain three-arm gilt balance and a blue steel spiral hairspring. The white enamel dial is signed and has Roman and Arabic numerals, and the watch comes with decorative stone-set pierced silver hands.

The gold pair cases are equally impressive. There is a plain gold inner case with a number that corresponds to the one on the movement. There is also an engine turned and engraved outer case with applied gold decoration, and the front bezel is set with a row of clear stones. On the back of the case is an attractive stone set pierced mask, bordering an oval polychrome enamel portrait of a lady wearing a colorful hat.

Overall, this 18th Century Swiss watch is a beautiful example of fine craftsmanship. It is signed by Jean Robert Soret and was made around 1770. The watch has a diameter of 41mm and a depth of 12.5mm.

Signed Jean Robert Soret
Circa 1770
Diameter 41 mm
Depth 12.5 mm

Materials Enamel
Carat for Gold 18 K