This is a remarkable timepiece from early 19th century Switzerland. It is a quarter repeating musical watch featuring a gold dial and a gold open face case. The gilt movement is powered by two resting barrels, and the larger barrel, which is half the diameter of the movement, provides the energy for the musical train. The watch is fitted with a polished steel Geneva stopwork, a pierced sector-shaped cock, a polished steel coqueret, and a polished steel regulator. A plain gilt balance with a spiral spring, a polished steel cylinder, and a steel escape wheel keep the time accurately, while the steel work on the back plate controls the disc type musical train and a steel Strike-Silent lever. The watch is able to pendant quarter repeat on two steel gongs, with the mechanism situated under the dial. A lateral slide in the band activates the musical mechanism, which also plays automatically on the hour. The watch is signed with a gold engine turned dial featuring Roman numerals and gilt Breguet hands. The fine engine turned gold open face case has a ribbed middle, and the gilt cuvette includes apertures for winding. Overall, this timepiece is in excellent condition.

Origin European Other
Period 19th Century
Condition Excellent
Materials Gold
Dimensions 58 mm