This is a 19th Century English verge watch that comes in a silver half hunter pair cases. It features a full plate fusee movement with round pillars, a pierced and engraved round cock, and a polished steel regulator on top of the plate, just beneath the plain three arm steel balance. The half hunter style white enamel dial has two concentric chapters of Roman numerals, with only the inner one visible when the front cover is closed. Gold half hunter hands are also present. To match the watch, it has silver pair cases, with the inner one having a broad border to the front bezel, and a small glazed aperture at the center. The watch also comes with a silver pendant and bow, with the maker's mark “HWG” in conjoined circles and a number that corresponds to the one on the movement.

Overall, this watch is in excellent condition and would be an excellent addition to any collection. It was hallmarked in London in 1878 and has a diameter of 56mm and a depth of 14mm.


Hallmarked London 1878
Diameter 56 mm
Depth 14 mm