Lady’s Half Hunter Pocket Watch – C1900


18ct Lady’s Half Hunter Pocket watch.
Jays 366 Essex Road, Islington. Watch makers to the Admiralty.

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Here is a detailed description of an antique pocket watch from the early 1900s. This beautiful timepiece is a lady's half hunter pocket watch made of 18ct gold. The front cover of the watch has a small opening which allows the user to read the time without fully opening the case. The watch was created by Jay's 366 Essex Road, Islington, a prominent watchmaker who was known for producing timepieces for the Admiralty.

The pocket watch is in perfect working order and has been well-preserved, showcasing its timeless beauty and value. Owning an antique pocket watch like this is not only a touchstone to the past and a work of art, but also a functional timepiece that can be used every day. If you are a collector or simply looking for a piece of history, this lady's half hunter pocket watch is an excellent choice that you will cherish for years to come.